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Dynamics of Violent Encounters

Michigan Lethal Force  Seminar


***We are NOT a legal firm nor do we give legal advice***

However, we ARE lethal force instructors and we give practical advice.


Training offered through Critical Defense Training company


Critical Defense Training company is Michigan's premier personal defense training organization offering training in the following:


• Commando Krav Maga

• Corporate/Office/Workplace Security

• Church/Synagogue/House of Worship Security (armed & unarmed)

• Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Firearm Training

• Force-on-Force Reality-based Scenario Training

• Non-lethal Force Training (self-defense, OC/Pepper Spray, Taser)

• Security Consulting (SOP/SOG Development, Emergency Preparedness Plan)

• Basic First-Aid, Advanced First-Aid, CPR (at your location)


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