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Dynamics of Violent Encounters

Michigan Lethal Force  Seminar


***We are NOT a legal firm nor do we give legal advice***

However, we ARE lethal force instructors and we give practical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Are you a legal firm and do you give legal advice?

    A:Art Joslin & Associates IS NOT a legal firm nor do we represent clients in any legal manner. The Michigan Bar Association defines the practice of law as "When a person or company says or does something on behalf of another person that involves legal discretion or making a decision about legal matters, that is the practice of law. It is the unauthorized practice of law for a person to exercise legal discretion on behalf of another person, or practice law for

                   another person, when they are not legally authorized to do so." Art Joslin & Associates is not in the business of

                   practicing law. we are lethal force instructors and provide practical advice.



  • 2. Isn't your lethal force seminar actually the practice of law?

    A:No, it isn't. Michigan Case Law has held that a non-lawyer may engage in general instruction. This is similar to a driving instructor discussing and providing information to a student driver about traffic laws. It is also similar to a political science teacher teaching about the Michigan Constitution to a classroom of students. Similarly, the Michigan Lethal Force Seminar is a general education seminar that discusses and provides education about lethal force

                    in Michigan. No legal advice is offered or given. Government attorneys do want you to have this information

                   because it defeats their purposes -- putting law-abiding, legally-armed citizens in jail, and getting re-elected.

                   Additionally, I am NOT an attorney and I DO NOT give legal advice. I am a lethal force instructor and I give practical



                   We carefully crafted the seminar to abide by the Michigan Bar's definition of practicing law based on a previous

                   complaint by a snowflake attorney who feels threatened by our organization.

  • 3. What criteria do you use to determine if you will assist my legal team in my self-defense case?

    A:Ethics demand that we only take cases whereby the government is unmeritoriously prosecuting an armed citizen. The government does this for many reasons: so they keep getting elected, public stature, standing in the law community, and any number of other twisted reasons. If you are guilty, we do not try to "get you out of it." We don't lie or fabricate evidence to match the facts of the case. If you are truly not guilty and your claim is self-defense, we

                   will help fight on your behalf.

  • 4. What does an expert witness in self defense actually do?

    A:As an expert and consulting witness in the Dynamics of Violent Encounters, the self defense case is examined by analyzing all discovery pertinent to the case. Then a decision is made as to whether we can assist your legal team in your claim of self-defense.

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